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The Merovingians are the Tribe of Fire. The dynasty began in north Germania, with Merovech the First migrating to Gaul.

King "Mariwig" I Merovech:

The ruling king of Franks in Gaul.

Jocasta Merovech:

Merovech’s third wife, married off as a seventeen-year-old. A native of Macedonia.

Mérovée Merovech:

The only son of Mariwig I.

Licinia "Eudoxia" Merovech:

The eldest—and favored—daughter of Merovech and only child of Merovech’s greatest love. 

Married Arcadius of Rome and ascended to Empress of East Rome.

Yalena Merovech:

Yalena's mother, Mira A Krievija, served as handmaiden to Merovech's first bride.  Soon after the queen's death, Mira and mariwig wed.  Mira bore their only child, yalena, but never gained full acceptance as a Merovech.

Bohdanof the Krievijas:

Bohdan’s father is elder brother to Mira Merovech. Bohdan and Yalena are first cousins.

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