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The Tribe of Air


The Huns are descended from the supreme leader Modu Chanyu, of the nomadic Xiong Nu, who soon were renowned as the “Huns.” Under Chanyu’s rule, the royal clan built their dynasty through their powers of flight and control of air. Chanyu’s dynasty remained strong as the leader of the Huns renowned as unstoppable conquerors. The tribe, following Chanyu’s vision of world domination, rose and expanded for hundreds of years until ego, power, and contention stifled their rise in the Far East. The ethnic and cultural diversity of the Huns, once their strength, became the root of factionalism. Common tongues of descendants of the nomadic Xia Dynasty are Xiang, Wu, Uighur, Latin, and Slavic.

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Ruga the Hun:

Attila’s uncle – Second in line to the throne, but rules as de facto Hunnic leader

Mundzuk the Hun:

King of the Huns.

Bleda the Hun:

Eldest son of Mundzuk

Attila the Hun:

Youngest son of Mundzuk


First cousin to Ruga and Mundzuk. Top commander. Second in line to Ruga. Descendant of the Tribe of Air.


First cousin to Ruga and Mundzuk. Descendant of the Tribe of Air


Son of Khas. Descendant of the Tribe of Air

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