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The Akachi Clan, the Tribe of Water, are direct descendants of Olókun, god of the oceans. Descendants of the tribe possess varying abilities to protect Earth’s vast waters and all life that dwell within them.
     In 352 B.C., “Maliki” Akachi, scorned by his violent and erratic father, Lutalo Akachi, narrowly escaped the Kingdom of Tayan and an imminent death at his father’s hands. Maliki led three hundred men and their families by stolen ships and sought refuge north. They settled in a remote seaside village that enjoyed fertile land and mild weather along the southwest shores of Iberia.
     The coastal village, surrounded by various small islands along southern Iberia, proved aproductive fit for Maliki and his followers. The clan’s technical, medicinal, and seafaring knowledge proved an asset to the humble seaside Celtiberians. Led under Akachi’s rule, the Kingdom of Karacen flourished, evolving into an impressive empire that conquered invaders—potential and overt—alike. Karacen’s progressive ideals and riches from southern assets built the “Kingdom of Immigrants.” Their tolerance for varied ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds became their strength.


Amari Akachi:

King of the Kingdom of Karacen in southern Iberia.

Masoud Akachi: Amari’s twin brother and king of Tayan, a series of isles off the coast of Western Alkebulan.

Adisa (Chikere) Akachi:

Queen of Karacen and wife of Amari Akachi. 

A native of OgunIsland, Adisa is a descendant of Olókun from her maternal side.

Taiwo Akachi (Deceased):

The elder—and favored—son of Amari and Adisa Akachi.

Twin brother of Ndulu. Mysteriously died on the volcanic mountain of Northern Iberia during a battletraining exercise alongside his brother.

Ndulu Akachi:

The younger son of Amari and Adisa Akachi.

Taiwo (Tai) Akachi II:

The elder son of Ndulu and Yalena (Merovech) Akachi.

Ghedi Akachi:

The younger son of Ndulu and Yalena Akachi. Twin of Taiwo Akachi.

Nabii Akachi:

Named by a Swahili native who helped deliver the twins, Nabii is the elderdaughter of Ndulu and Yalena Akachi.

Nahlah Akachi:

Named after her great aunt—the name meaning “a drink of water”

Nahlah is the youngest of the identical twins.  


Spirit Animals of the Akachi Clan

The Goddess of Water. Protector – Interlocked with Nabii and Nahlah Akachi. (Previously interlocked with Amari Akachi.)


Wise.  Protector - Interlocked with Amari and Masoud Akachi.

Male Lead. Interlocked with Amari Akachi. Warrior. Rambunctious, colorful, and brave.


Interlocked with Nahlah and Nabii. Water Nymph. Sweet and beguiling. Clyte is clever and tricky.


Interlocked with Ghedi


Interlocked with Taiwo 

Mlezi - Order of the Divine

     Soon after the third shift after the enlightenment of man, select groups of men, assigned by the Divine, were chosen to protect the descendants of Olókun. Originated in Southeast Alkebulan in 20,062 B.C., the Mlezi Guard were born and culminated under the direction of the Great Shaman, prophet of Realm One. As millennia passed, mlezi embarked upon a coastal migration that led them on coastal waters along the farthest edge of Western Alkebulan. The vast majority of mlezi are descendant of Olókun, the god of water. Mlezi serve, in collaboration with the Twelve Prophets, under the sacred command of the Divine.

19,823rd Squadron

Amari Akachi
Masoud Akachi
Nkiri Okofor


19,848th Squadron

Assan: Lead mlezi over all matters concerning Akachi grandchildren.
Aarif Buhari: Yoruba Tribe. Master instructor at Ogun Island.
Ariko Hondo: Shona Tribe of Far South. Master swordsman. Metallurgist.


19,863rd Squadron


Bleda: Blood born of the Hunnics; chosen son of the Krievijas.

19,863rd Squadron


Bleda: Blood born of the Hunnics; chosen son of the Krievijas.


19,864th Squadron

Hanif Jakanda


Nahlah Akachi









Iberian Guardian

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