A.D. Sloane is the author of The Twelve Realms. She grew up in Athens, GA and Champaign-Urbana, IL. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she earned her B.S. in Occupational Therapy and DePaul University, where she earned her MPA.


She has enjoyed a career as a development officer for nonprofits and universities where she focused on Diversity Initiatives and K-14 outreach programs. She currently lives near Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two children

November 2016, A.D. Sloane conceived a basic premise for what is now The Twelve Realms.


The story, a blend of historical and fantastical Earth in the early 5th century, features a royal family of Yoruba descent who rule a quaint kingdom in southern Spain during beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire and the meteoric rise of Christianity. A historical fantasy, the novel is a reimagining of world history and the global influences that changed a powerful empire and the world.


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Antigone Blackwell, A.D. Sloane author of The Twelve Realms
  • My favorite authors are Laini Taylor and Leigh Bardugo. Laini’s a genius. Don’t bother disputing me on that or we may fight to the death.  My favourite book for many years was, "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison.  It was beautiful and haunting.


  • I’m a veteran. United States Air Force. Although I’m a tree hugging liberal, I’m also a flag-hugging patriot. You can be both!


  • My son created animated models and the trailer for my novel. He’s brilliant (and free!)  My daughter is a brilliant writer, but I’m biased about both of my kids.


  • I graduated from high school at 16 and completed my college degree at 28. Yes, I lived in between, but who does that?  Despite the fact that it makes me a hypocrite, if my children try that I'm cutting them off!


  • There’s a little bit of me in all of my characters. That fact should simultaneously warm your heart and terrify you.


  • Favorite movies. I own 700 DVDS so it would be impossible to choose one or even ten.  I have a habit of reading books that correspond with movie and television shows and complaining about the inadequacy of the movie compared to the book's storyline.


  • On my DVD collection: If you try to touch my DVDs we will fight to the death- despite the fact that everyone streams and  couldn't care less.


  • I’m a comedic genius. Fine - I believe that I’m a comedic genius and that’s all that matters.  I'm madly in love with my husband whom I modeled huge chunks of Hanif and Bleda's personalities after.  Don't worry - his mom is alive and well.​


  • I'm utterly convinced that my late father has been whispering in my ear as I write this epic novel.